About Us



Registered as African Community Hong Kong., the African Community Hong Kong traces its roots back in the early 90’s when a group of African began to address the needs of Africans living within the city of Hong Kong. Officially forming itself as a nonprofit Organization in 2009, the African Community seeks to provide services, programs, and consulting that satisfy the needs of the most vulnerable segments of the Africans as well as Hong Kong community. To all the Africans living in Hong Kong, the African Community Hong Kong is a reliable and innovative for education, business, and cultural expression.

African Community Hong Kong, is recognized in (Section 5A (1) Chapter 151, Law of Hong Kong). Africans in Hong Kong will possess the ingredients they need in order to stabilize, connect, and participate effectively in Hong Kong society; develop and reach their dreams; and contribute to the development of themselves, their countries of origin, and humanity.


The organization’s operational aim is based on support and empowerment with the belief that the end result will lead to a shared, dynamic vision of a community’s future, which inspires members to work together to secure that future. Based on this, the African Community Hong Kong, strive to educate our brothers and sisters about the need to respect Chinese culture, to learn the local values of Hong Kong and follow the city’s laws and regulations.

The African Community Hong Kong is the umbrella for the Africans in Hong Kong and as such, it is the sole provider of integrated services and continuous support for Africans in the community. Our services are culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate in order to help the people of Hong Kong better understand African culture, its customs and its diverse peoples.